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The Ubequity Story


U-beq-ui-ty yoo-bek’wi-tē

N. Existence or presence of wealth funded by stock compensation, especially simultaneously.

Ubequity Wealth Management, LLC represents an opportunity Austin, TX Ubequity Wealth Management, LLC

Ubequity Wealth Management, LLC represents an opportunity.

It signifies your unique ability to gain confidence in your financial life. We believe that equity compensation can change the world because we have seen it. It can support you, those around you, and the causes you care about. That is why we make it our mission to improve the lives of stock compensation recipients.

We were met with a challenge to give clients the advice they deserve. We saw multiple clients and advisers alike who did not know how to effectively navigate the complexities of equity compensation. If used properly, this can be a positively life-changing asset, and if managed improperly, it can accumulate to millions of dollars left behind. We want you to get the most out of your stock compensation, without dedicating hours of your valuable time to the process.

Similar to a hike or a whitewater ride, we guide you along the way. You need to be actively involved, but you don’t need to know everything. Additionally, equity compensation management is not “set it and forget it." There will be timely decisions that need to be made. Our job is to lead you through the journey as a strategic partner and a trusted guide. Together, we find the path most suited to your financial goals.

The Name

We pulled together two meaningful words and concepts into one: Ubequity.

Ubiquity + Equity Compensation + Wealth Management = Ubequity Wealth Management

We considered calling it U-Stock, but Amazon is much better at that, and it is not as catchy.

Wealth management is meant to reflect the comprehensive nature of our process and implementation. Stock compensation management is beneficial, but the real power comes from combining your priorities with our expertise in equity compensation management, investment management, and financial planning.

The Logo

Unbequity Wealth Management, LLC

The Ubequity logo is designed to reflect your journey. There are many paths available to you and we want to guide you to success. We decided to integrate a nature theme because we enjoy the outdoors, we think it provides excellent analogies for our brand, and we want the relationships we form to feel natural. 

Direct Your Wealth to Direct Your Life

If our services and approach sound like they could benefit you, get in touch.

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